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Services for Patients


We have general meetings every six weeks or so at the Freeman Hospital Teaching Centre in Newcastle upon Tyne and PBC section lunchtime meetings. We always have a guest speaker, usually from the Freeman Liver Unit or a local hospital who talks on the latest developments in the field of liver disease. Subjects include specific diseases, diet, research, treatments, drugs, insurance etc. Each speaker finishes their talk with a Q&A session where any of your questions can be answered.

The format of the meeting is informal and a light refreshment bar is provided. All you have to do is come in, find a seat and listen. No one is asked to participate, give their names or tell anyone anything about themselves.

General meetings are held from 7.00 p.m. until about 9.00 p.m. To find us, follow our signs from the lift doors on level 1. Details of current general meetings and our PBC section meetings are normally given in the LIVErNEWS, on facebook and twitter.


Our free newsletter 'LIVErNEWS' is a lively publication (circulation 2500 copies, readership 5000+) containing many hints and tips for living with liver disease as well as information about our meetings, our helpline and other support sources.

The printed LIVErNEWS is free and is posted to you in a plain envelope. All you have to do to receive your own copy is to send us (via mail or e-mail) the address you want us to send it to. We promise never to pass your address on to anyone else.

If you are a carer (doctor, nurse, hca, therapist) you can receive up to ten copies free of charge for your unit. All you have to do is tell us how many you want and where you want us to send them.


Our Helpline telephone numbers are on the Contact Us/Links page.


LIVErNORTH maintain a two bedroomed flat in the grounds of the Freeman Hospital (103 Beechwood House) to provide sleep over facilities for liver patients, their relatives or carers. This facility is intended for people who find frequent travelling to and from the hospital either too difficult (because of the time it takes) or too expensive (because of the distance). We ask for a donation of £5 per person per night for this facility to partially cover our expenditure.

Facilities include:
2 bedrooms with 2 single divan beds in each.
Shared kitchen with microwave, oven, kettle etc.
Shared bathroom with WC, bath & shower.
Colour TVs (combo TV/DVD player).
Sheet & Towel laundry service.

To arrange to use this facility, please ask Ward 7 staff (Sister Susan Bentley).

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