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Funding Research

LIVErNORTH is a national charity and welcomes all applications for funding from across the UK. For details email us on info@livernorth.org.uk

It is an object of our charity that we will aid research into the causes of, treatments for and prevention of, all forms of liver disease.

The LIVErNORTH liver research laboratories at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne are funded by the LIVErNORTH charity. Based in the lead academic centre for the study of liver disease and working closely with the centre of excellence at the Freeman Hospital, the laboratories mean that a dedicated unit is devoting all of its resources into the fight against liver disease in the best possible environment. The laboratories opened in Autumn 2005 with an initial grant of £50k.

We also funded a £20k practical research project into the use of a revolutionary (at that time) new treatment for liver tumours. A device known as a tissue ablater was used to treat discrete liver tumours at the Freeman Hospital and LIVErNORTH funded both the project and the documentation of the findings. Our aim was to help provide a better treatment for liver patients and reduce the need for invasive surgery. We were entirely successful and tissue ablation is now accepted as an important tool (gold standard) in the fight against liver disease.

Other past projects have included contributions to a major epidemiology study, drug trials into effective PBC treatments, educational grants and provision of equipment for the LIVErNORTH research laboratories at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne Medical School.

In 2013, academic papers were published showing the encouraging findings of our £50k research project into finding effective treatments for liver cancer (HCC). To facilitate this we paid the salary of a PhD researcher at Newcastle University for three years.

We believe that every penny spent on research is worth many times more than the same amount spent on treatment and to this end have released funds of over £1m since our formation as a charity.

Prevention is invariably better than cure so if you would like to contribute to our research fund, we now have the facility to accept credit card payments.

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